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Engine knock – ASE practice questions (VIDEO)

Description An engine exhibits a knocking noise. During a cylinder power balance test, the noise abates. Technician A says the noise is likely worn big-end bearings on the connecting rod. Technician B says the noise is likely piston slap. Who is correct?More ASE...

“Can I borrow a…”

I recall being very alarmed at how far the door spring traveled. As a teenager in my first job at a dealer, I was working on a small S-10 truck that needed door hinge pin bushings. I levered that door spring out of its perch with a slotted screwdriver like a goon and...

A visit to Elite JDM (VIDEO)

Description Recently we took a trip to Dorman Proving Grounds manager Nick D'Alessio’s personal shop, Elite JDM. While we were there, we shot some videos about some fascinating things we found in his shop. We decided to put those four videos together in a playlist for...

Oil leak – ASE practice questions (VIDEO)

Description Which of the following is LEAST LIKELY to cause an oil leak?A) Torn valve cover gasket B) Worn wrist pin bushings C) Worn rear main seal D) Worn piston ringsMore ASE Practice Questions

Low-mileage JDM automatics: Worthwhile or worthless? (VIDEO)

Description Nick and Lemmy check out a flex plate from an imported Japanese automatic transmission with very few miles under its belt. Even so, Nick explains why nobody really wants these transmissions or parts… and why many of them end up in the scrapyard.

Snap-on to expand Tennessee manufacturing plant

by | Feb 20, 2024

Snap-on recently announced that they will invest $44 million to expand their manufacturing operations in Elizabethton, Tennessee, according to a press release from the Tennessee Department of Economic & Community Development. This investment will add nearly 49,000 square feet of manufacturing space and new equipment to their existing Elizabethton facility and add 50 new jobs to increase their total staff at this location to 500. Brigit Correa, Snap-on Manager, Communications & Marketing, said the expansion is expected to be completed in March 2024.

See all that tire mounting compound? Getting sloppy here also helps when trying to index the valve stem; a slippery tire can just be held while the table spins to the correct spot.
Trusted by professionals worldwide, it’s more than storage – it’s a symbol of excellence in every turn of the wrench. Photo: Mike Apice.

Correa further commented, “We generally make in the markets where we sell, and Snap-on has been committed to American manufacturing since its founding in 1920. Within the United States, we have thirteen manufacturing locations with capacity expansions at four of those, including Elkmont, AL, Algona, IA, Elizabethton, TN, and Milwaukee, WI. Additionally, our primary cause as a company is the upskilling of the American workforce around manufacturing and career and technical education (CTE). We are dedicated to elevating and expanding the makers and fixers who are essential to America’s past, present, and future. We further this important cause through our partnerships with SkillsUSA, the National Coalition of Certification Centers (NC3), the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC), and many others.”

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